Homecare - what matters to you?

Join us and Disability Sheffield to talk about homecare at our online event - the Council will share their plans based on what they've heard so far, and you can have your say about the future of homecare
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Why are we talking about home care?

Good home care is essential. It helps people to stay living in their homes by supporting them with things like personal care, essential tasks around the home, and other daily living activities like socialising outside the home.

We know that getting the right support for you is crucial - and with Sheffield City Council planning how to develop home care in the future, we want to make sure you have your say. 

The Council have have been looking at what people have shared so far, and in part based on our recommendations from 2019 they have started to put together a plan. They want to tell you about this, and hear your thoughts. 

Healthwatch Sheffield and Disability Sheffield are working with the Council to put on this event, as we want to help you have your say as part of any future changes. We think it's really important that you have the space to share your thoughts directly with the people hoping to improve you or your loved one's care.

Join the meeting to share your views

Wednesday 17th March 2021, 2-4pm

You can also book by contacting us directly:


0114 253 6688 

How will the meeting work?

For this virtual event, Lucy Davies from Healthwatch Sheffield and Emily Morton from Disability Sheffield will share some background on what's been happening with homecare in the city. We will also hear from Council representatives about the work they're planning and how previous feedback has influenced this - they want to tell people about their proposals, how they’ve been developed so far, and what happens next. Most importantly they want to talk to a range of people to ‘check and challenge’ and help to refine those plans for the future.

The event will be on Zoom - if you would like to talk about how to use Zoom, how else you can book a place at the event, or want to share your views and experiences another way, contact us.


Article photo credit: Ageing Better

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