Two of our student volunteers gathering people's views

Why volunteer with us?

  • Make a difference in your local community by giving people the opportunity to speak up about their health and social care
  • Use your skills to contribute to the success of Healthwatch across Sheffield
  • Develop new skills and confidence by exploring new opportunities

Join our Strategic Advisory Group

We're currently recruiting new members to our Strategic Advisory Group, a group of volunteers who oversee and steer our work.

400+ hours

Our 33 volunteers have given up over 400 hours of their time over the last year, supporting us to carry out our work.

Person standing at a stall greeting potential volunteers

Healthwatch Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are an important part of our engagement team. They go to events and talk to people about Healthwatch, and encourage people to share their own experiences of health and social care so we can work to make services better.

To find out more, read about Charlotte's experiences. She volunteered as an ambassador with us as part of her University placement:

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Image of volunteer at a GP

Enter & View representatives

Our Enter & View representatives visit health and social care settings like GPs, pharmacies, and care homes. They speak to patients, family members, and staff to get a snapshot into people's experiences at that service.

They produce reports and make recommendations to the service to make improvements, based on the feedback they hear.

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Share your skills

There are lots of other ways to get involved. Volunteers are an important part of everything we do, from our Strategic Advisory Group, to helping with admin, to doing photography.

Watch the video to see Liz, one of our volunteers, sharing the range of projects she's been involved in, from visiting care homes to taking a lead training other volunteers.

If you'd like to share your skills and develop new ones, get in touch.

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Subeyr, a member of Young Healthwatch, smiling

Young Healthwatch

Young Healthwatch are a group of volunteers aged 14-25 with a particular interest in making sure that children and young people's voices are heard in Sheffield.

They get involved in public consultations and events, and run some of their own projects. One of these projects was their report called '#RealMe: Young people's feelings towards self-worth'. You can read about the report below. If you'd like to get involved in the Young Healthwatch group, contact us.

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Volunteering has gifted me with skills I never thought I was capable of developing. I would recommend this volunteer opportunity to anyone