Home Care Report

We worked with Sheffield City Council and local voluntary sector organisations to speak to people who use home care services – we found out what they and their family carers think about the experiences, and the changes they would like to see.
Home Care Report cover January 2019, Healthwatch

The number of people who need home care services in Sheffield is rising, so it’s important that these services are listening to the people who use them. We have sent the report to representatives at Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group who are responsible for commissioning home care services in Sheffield. An updated version of the report will be published later, including the responses we receive from them.

Key findings from the report:

  • Where users of home care got to know their care workers well, they said they felt listened to. However, many people felt there were too many care workers involved in delivering their care. They couldn’t get to know the workers, and found this distressing.
  • Inappropriate visit times caused problems for many users of home care and family carers. There were related concerns about lateness, missed visits, and the feeling that visits were being rushed.
  • Family carers want communication to be improved – both between services, and with the people who use the services. They would like to be more involved in decisions about their relatives’ care which also affect them.


If you need these documents in a different format, please email info@healthwatchsheffield.co.uk or call 0114 253 6688.

Read the full report here:

Home Care report

We have received the following responses to the recommendations we made in the report:

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group

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