New report: #RealMe, young people's feelings towards self-worth

Young Healthwatch are a group of volunteers who work with Healthwatch Sheffield to make sure children and young people’s views are listened to. They wanted to find out how young people in Sheffield feel about their self-worth.
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#RealMe is the latest report from Healthwatch Sheffield, produced by Young Healthwatch, a group of volunteers aged 14-25. 

Their investigation involved an arts competition, a survey that 151 young people completed and a series of workshops at local colleges and schools.

Young Healthwatch found that:

• 51% of young people asked said they think about their self-worth often,
• Many young people are struggling because of a low sense of self worth – when asked to self-score their sense of self-worth, the average score was 4 out of a possible 9,
• Young people understand which activities help them to feel better and worse about themselves.

Young Healthwatch are convinced that there is a clear relationship between self-worth and mental wellbeing.

They are asking the city’s key decision makers and all adults working with young people to consider the findings of this investigation, and to work with young people to understand the stresses and pressures that they experience.

The #RealMe report includes five principles Young Healthwatch have developed to help the city improve self worth amongst young people.

Margaret Kilner, Chief Officer of Healthwatch Sheffield said: 

“I am extremely proud of the work our young volunteers have put into the #RealMe investigation. They chose this topic because of very real concerns that young people with low self worth can find it hard to cope with the pressures that expectations from school, family, their peer group, and the media can bring.

Our volunteers were supported by a member of the Healthwatch staff team, but all of the key decisions were their own. They showed great energy and maturity and I am keen to encourage other young people with an interest in social action to join Young Healthwatch and make sure that their voices are heard”.

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