Enter & View - East Glade Centre

In February 2016, 2 of our Enter & View volunteers visited East Glade Centre, which houses one of the four Community Mental Health Teams in Sheffield.
Two people sitting in a waiting room

Our Enter & View programme involves visiting publicly funded health and social care services in Sheffield to talk to service users, their relatives and carers, as well as staff. Visits are carried out by our Enter & View volunteers.

Enter & View is different to an inspection - we focus on what it is like for people receiving care. Visiting places where people actually receive care is a powerful way for us to hear directly from individuals about their experiences of services.

Key findings:

  • We found an organised service with committed staff
  • The current range of services and staff are good, but staff felt that continuation of support services such as the men’s group could be challenging given current funding arrangements
  • There are issues about physical access into the building by wheelchair users

If you would like to tell us about your experience of a mental health service, get in touch:

0114 253 6688


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