Do you have a relative living in a Sheffield care home?

We want to hear from care home residents and their relatives about their experiences. Help us to understand what it's been like for you.
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What are we doing?

We are currently exploring the experiences of older people living in care homes in Sheffield. We plan to produce a report which will be shared with Sheffield City Council and Healthwatch England. By speaking to people directly about issues that are important to them, we want to help their views and expertise to be included in the planning of Adult Social Care services.

Who are we speaking to?

In August we are visiting care homes to speak with residents directly. We're asking about things like:

  • Their experience of moving into the care home
  • The care and support they receive
  • The care home environment
  • Their social needs
  • Their access to healthcare

How can you help?

We would also like to speak with the relatives of care home residents in Sheffield. This will help us to hear about a wider number of experiences, and paint a bigger picture of care homes across the city - looking at good examples of care as well as things that could be improved.

If you would be interested in taking part, and are happy to talk about your relative's experiences and your own via a telephone call or video chat, please get in touch.

Interested in taking part?

For more information or to take part, contact Natasha Munoz, our Engagement & Involvement Officer:

07361 496258

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