John's Campaign - visiting care homes in England

If you have a relative living in a care home, please let us know how visiting arrangements are working for you. Is access improving? Is family contact becoming more meaningful and appropriate? If not, where do the problems lie?
Man in a care home

We are supporting this survey by John's Campaign, which is asking families of both younger and older care home residents to tell them how the current arrangements are working on the ground.

What's happening in Sheffield?

Regulations around visiting care homes has impacted on local care home residents and their relatives. In Sheffield, we have been told that the approach of care homes varies significantly across the city. There are examples of good practice, such as homes which use WhatsApp to keep in contact with friends and family, and homes which have done individual risk assessments to facilitate visits. In other places, we have heard that a more blanket approach has been used. There is new local guidance which aims to support visiting, but we don't yet know how this is changing things for local people. 

How can sharing your views help?

John's Campaign want to make sure that people can visit their relatives safely. This survey can help us to see what visiting is like for you, and whether more needs to be done to support you and your relative to have meaningful contact.

If you have a relative living in a care home, please share your experiences.

Share your experiences

The survey has 24 questions. Some of them are multiple choice, and some of them give you the space to share more of your own experiences.

The survey is open until 30th November 2020.

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