Visiting relatives in care homes

There has been a lot of information in the national press about visiting in care homes, and lockdown has changed guidance again. Find out the latest picture in Sheffield (updated 15th Jan 2021)
Man in a care home

We know that visiting loved ones in care homes is really important, and want to share with you the latest guidance in Sheffield.

The local authority has updated their guidance in line with national lockdown measures. Despite lockdown, the guidance remains supportive of care home visits and care homes should be taking steps to enable visiting if it is safe. However, it is up to the individual home to decide if this is possible, and some may decide that it is not in the residents' best interests.

Some homes may require you to have a negative test result in order to visit - if this is the case, the care home should provide you with the test. Others may limit visits to window visits, or use equipment like screens. 

What should I do to find out more?

If a member of your family lives in a care home, talk to the home about a personalised plan for visiting; what care homes can offer will vary, and can depend on things like the physical layout. However, they should be working to consider the best options available to individuals. 

See the council guidance for more information on this.  If you would like to discuss your situation with someone independent, you can contact us:

0114 253 6688

This is information is correct at the time of writing (Friday 15th January 2021) but like all information relating to Covid, is likely to regularly change.  We will try and bring you the most up to date information when we receive it, but always consult the council website too.

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When Sheffield City Council have more information to share, they will update the web page below:

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