#SpeakUp 2021 - Burton Street Foundation

The Burton Street Foundation is a not-for-profit community organisation, providing a wide range of day services for people with learning disabilities.
Small Grants scheme 2021

Our #SpeakUp small grants scheme awards funding to local community, voluntary, or not-for-profit groups, enabling them to engage with their communities about what matters to them. 

Supporting the uptake of annual health checks and hospital passports

Burton Street Foundation surveyed the the families/carers of 152 people with a learning disability. They wanted to find out about:

  • Experiences of annual health checks, especially where they have been disrupted by Covid-19
  • Knowledge of hospital passports, a document designed to give hospital staff a fuller understanding of an indivdual's needs and preferences if they have to go into hospital without a close carer
  • Barriers to accessing either annual health checks or hospital passports, and how these resources could be improved and accessed more widely

Suggestions for improvement focused on proactively supporting people with a learning disability to access these resources, as well as ensuring that staff make good use of the information to support people's health and wellbeing.

To read in detail about people's experiences, and the recommendations we've made for improvement, read the report below.


If you need these documents in a different format, please email info@healthwatchsheffield.co.uk or call 0114 253 6688.

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