What we've heard about Dentistry - January 2021 update

A local Scrutiny Committee asked us to share what we've been hearing about dentistry. We're publishing that briefing here as an update on the situation in Sheffield - these are the issues you're telling us about.
Dentist with a patient


This briefing builds on our monthly 'What have we been hearing?' reports as well as the briefing we produced with other Local Healthwatch in Yorkshire & Humber to identify issues related to NHS dentistry services.

The Healthier Communities and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee is made up of local councillors and representatives, who discuss areas like public health, NHS services, and Adult Social Care. You can find out more about them here.

For their meeting in February 2021, they asked us to share the feedback we've been hearing about dentistry in the city, so they can discuss the issues that you have been raising with us.

We hope that this will encourage a wider conversation about dentistry, and local people's access to care throughout the pandemic.

What are the key issues?

We identified some themes that we're beginning to hear about more often as the Covid-19 situation continues to develop. These are:

  • The impact of delayed treatment
  • Lack of clarity about what is 'urgent' care
  • Accessing a new dentist
  • NHS vs private care
  • Access to clear information

Read more detail in the briefing below. You can also watch the Scrutiny discussion as a webcast:

Wednesday 10th February 2021, 4pm


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