Race Equality Commission Submission

This submission for the Race Equality Commission focuses on the views and experiences of healthcare from people in Sheffield from BAME backgrounds. The purpose of this Commission is to address racism and racial inequalities in Sheffield.
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At Healthwatch Sheffield, we have created a submission for the Race Equality Commission, based on what we’ve heard about race related health and social care issues.  These experiences have been collected from individuals and voluntary/community organisations from the last 18 months.

Who have we heard from?

  • People who shared their experiences through our Covid-19 survey
  • Our #SpeakUp small grants programme, which funds smaller voluntary groups to gather feedback through their communities
  • Feedback and queries from people who seek out our advice and information line
  • Interviews with people from BAME backgrounds in relation to the PHE report
  • Engagement work carried out by the CCG
  • Experiences shared through focus groups

What have we been hearing?

We have heard about a mixture of issues that have been raised directly by people from BAME backgrounds. We have attempted to categorise these issues into the following themes for ease of reading. However, we are aware that the impacts of inequality and racial injustice do not fit neatly into categories, and experiences can cover several themes.

  • Interpreting and language barriers in accessing healthcare
  • Understanding health systems
  • Issues related to education and employment
  • Experiences of discrimination and other inequalities.

Where issues relate directly to health and social care services, we have provided recommendations for the Race Equality Commission on how they can act on the issues we have raised.


If you would like this in another format, please email info@healthwatchsheffield.co.uk or call us on 0114 253 6688.

Healthwatch Sheffield Race Equality Comission Submission

Want to share your own experiences? 

We want to support people to have a say in the work that’s being done to address the inequalities that exist in healthcare. We hope that by sharing this work, we can encourage more people to speak up about their experiences, and that this in turn will help decision makers to address race inequalities in the city.


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