Your questions about flu jabs, answered

Check out our FAQ - why is there a push to get more people vaccinated against flu, and what are people worried about?
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Public Health England wants even more people to be vaccinated against flu this year. This is because doctors are worried that people will become seriously unwell if they get flu and covid-19 at the same time. There are also concerns that our hospitals get really busy looking after people with flu over winter. If we can make sure fewer people get flu, this frees up the NHS so they can look after covid-19 patients.

But lots of people have questions, and we can't effectively encourage people to get the vaccine without addressing them - What is the flu vaccine? Do I have to pay? Is it halal? We've heard these questions and more in the run up to flu season.

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We take a look at people's key concerns about the flu vaccine, and share some important information to help people make an informed decision

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